How to check FSSAI license number online

FSSAI License Number

The 14-digit FSSAI food license number has been divided into five sections and each section tells authorities some information about the food business operator which differentiate it from to the others. Here are the five different sections of FSSAI food License number.

Section 1 [First Digit] – Information about registration status of food business whether registered or not.

Section 2 [Digit 2 & 3]- State code where the food business is operational.

Section 3 [Digit 4 & 5]- Year of manufacture of the particular food product.

Section 4 [Digit 6, 7, 8]- Quantity of the enrolling master.

Section 5 [Digit 9-14]- Permit Number of maker.

How to Check FSSAI License Number Online

Step 1: Head over to the official government website of FSSAI. you’re on page, you will be seeing blank field labeled as Enter License/ Registration Number

Step 2: Enter the particular food license number and click on ‘Submit’. Make sure you entered the license or registration number correctly; there should be 14-digit in the license or registration number.

Step 3: if you have entered an invalid license/registration number, an error message is displayed as follows.

Step 4: Once you’ve clicked on ‘Submit’ and if your license is valid, the website will display status along with the other details of FBO or food business operator. You have successfully performed the procedure to check the FSSAI/Food license Online.

Details of the Food Business Operator This concludes the procedure to check the FSSAI/Food license Online. FSSAI license is basically mandatory compliance for the FBO. The FSSAI license has validity of a maximum of five years and after those five years are up, you need to the renew the food license in order to keep the flow of business smooth. If you need a new FSSAI license or renew your existing license visit us at as we are one of the top food license consultants across the country. Call us at +91 9990549917, 9560132098 to get started!

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