What is USB Token

What is USB Token?

USB Token has contained some driver in which some value store. In that particular device, you can store your Digital Signature. USB token storage almost 2 MB so you can not store more Digital Signature.

USB Token, not pen drive.

Once your Digital Signature certificate download in USB- Token you can’t move copy and cut from one USB- Token to another USB Token.

Features of a USB token

  • Certain USB tokens store digital signatures, fingerprint details, or other biometric data, which could be used as cryptographic keys.
  • USB tokens needs to be plugged into the USB port of the device, whether directly or via an extension cable.
  • Most USB tokens can be carried in hand as a keychain or plugin as they do not need a reader.
  • Additional drivers are not required in most cases for USB tokens. Most of them require fewer drivers.
  • One of the benefits of a USB token is its ability to securely encrypt files and emails or digital contracts.
  • Most USB tokens are durable and reliable.
  • Help desk and training costs for resources can be minimized with the plug-and-play capabilities of a USB token.
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